Outsmarting Alzheimer’s

Title:  Out Smarting Alzheimer’s

Author:  Kenneth S. Kosik, MD with Alisa Bowman

Do you have a family history of Alzheimer’s disease?  Outsmarting Alzheimer’s  can help you reduce your risk of ever developing this debilitating disease.  Have you experienced a little forgetfulness?  Outsmarting Alzheimer’s can help you determine whether that’s related to normal aging or whether you should mention it to your doctor.  If you do have mild cognitive impairment, Outsmarting Alzheimer’s includes 80 simple lifestyle prescriptions to slow the progression of symptoms as much as possible.  And if you or a family member already have a dementia diagnosis, these prescriptions can help you manage symptoms, improve your quality of life, and maintain your current lifestyle for as long as possible.

Plus, Outsmarting Alzheimer’s features:

a personalized 3-week plan to help you put these prescriptions into action

more than 40 easy and delicious brain-boosting recipes

almost 30 interactive brain-training games

a simple and effective 7-minute workout

special sections for caregivers to help them help their loved ones put the plan into effect

No matter how you’ve been affected by this frightening disease, Outsmarting Alzheimer’s can help you protect the health of your body.