Title:  Navigator

Author:  Stephen Baxter

As Willian the Conqueror’s men attempt to stamp out the flames of rebellion, a prophecy is uttered.  A bedraggled woman in a ruined chapel speaks of civilizations in conflict, armed by the engines of God.

And that prophecy proves to be true as the fearsome war between Christianity and Islam leaves its mark across the land.  In Spain, where Moore and Christian live side by side, a rogue priest dreams of the final defeat of Islam, for he has found a rent in the tapestry of time, a point where agents from the future once tampered with the past and changed history—using diabolical weapons of destruction.

For centuries, the conflict ebbs and flows, moving from one part of the known world to the next.  Men of vision, weary of the strife, are drawn to the West, to whatever may lie across the endless sea.  And in 1492, one such explorer seeks the funding for his voyage while a mysterious Weaver plots to unravel the strands of time and stop him.