Title:  George Washington’s Secret Six

Author:  Brian Kilmeade & Don Yaeger

The American Revolution is well under way in 1776, but things are looking bleak for General George Washington and his Continental Army.  With Washington’s hasty retreat from New York City in August, many think the war might soon be over.  After all, how on earth is this ragtag group going to defeat its enemy, the well-trained and well-funded military of the largest empire in history?

But Washington soon realizes he can’t win with military might.  Instead, he must outsmart the British, so he creates a sophisticated intelligence network: the top-secret Culper Spy Ring.  Drawing on extensive research, Brian Kilmeade and Don Yaeger tell the fascinating stories of these long unrecognized spies: a reserved merchant, a tavern keeper, a brash young longshoreman, a curmudgeonly Long Island bachelor, a coffeehouse owner, and a mysterious woman.

This vivid and accessible y9oung readers adaptation of the New York Times bestseller features and exclusive new introduction, extensive back matter, and eye-catching art throughout.  Chronicling a crucial moment in American history, this historical thriller will excite and inspire the next generation of patriots.