Title:  Cemetery Road

Author:  Greg Iles

So begins Cemetery Road, Greg Iles’s most captivating and propulsive novel to date.  Marshall M McEwan is one of the most successful journalists in Washington, D.C.  But as a chaotic presidential administration lifts him from print fame to television stardom, Marshall discovers that his father is terminally ill, and he must return to his childhood home–a place he vowed he would never  go back to.

Bienville, Mississippi, is no longer the city Marshall remembers.  His family’s 159-year-old newspaper is failing, and Jet Talal, the love of his youth, has married into the family of Max Matherson, one of a dozen powerful patriarchs who rule the town through the exclusive Bienville Poker Club.  To Marshall’s surprise, the Poker Club has offered economic salvation to this community on the brink of extinction, in the form of a billion-dollar Chinese paper mill.  But on the verge of the deal’s consummation, two deaths rock Bienville to the ore, threatening far more than the city’s economic future.

Joining forces with his former lover–whose husband stands to inherit a seat in the Poker Club–Marshall begins digging for the truth.  but he and Het soon discover that the soil of Mississippi is a minefield whose explosive secrets can be far more destructive than injustice.  By the time Marshall grasps the long-buried truth about hos own history–and the woman he loves–he would give almost anything not to have to face it.