About the Timpson Public Library


Hours of Operation:

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 9:00AM – 5:00 PM

Closed Sunday, Tuesday and Saturday



Concerned citizens of the Timpson area had on several occasions attempted to establish a library for the Timpson area. The major hurdle to establishing a public library was funding. The Texas legislature finding that children and other residents of many rural and suburban areas of the state did not have convenient access to a public library, provided for the creation of library districts under Acts of 1997 of the Texas Local Government Code 326.092, Chapter 321. By an overwhelming majority, residents voted on November 5, 2002 to create a library district. This library district provided the means for funding a public library in the City of Timpson with a levy of a one-half of one percent sales tax.

Work began to establish the library by volunteers who used a donated computer to catalog donated books received from other libraries. Finally in June of 2003, staffed with all volunteers, the Timpson Public Library opened it doors for business in 1,000 square feet of rented space at 176 Bremond Street on the Timpson Square.

It became obvious from the beginning that the rented space could not satisfy the needs of our library patrons. We had already accumulated more materials than we had shelf space for and the two public computer stations were not adequate. The Board of Trustees for the library began to search for a building to buy or lease that would give us the space needed for our entire collection. Finding nothing suitable the Board acquired five city lots plus a storage building off the downtown square in Timpson as a proposed building site for a new library building.

Through fund raisers, donations and a grant/loan from the USDA, construction of our new library building at 520 Austin Street was completed in 2012.

Board of Directors:

  • Marilyn Corder
  • Dan Shepherd
  • James P. Barrett
  • Vernett Richardson
  • Charlotte Metcalf

Library Cards

The Timpson Public Library chose the locomotive as its logo for their library card. Whereas the railroad played such a major role in the development of our nation as well as the economic development of the Timpson community so libraries play a major role in the development of our citizens. Our card colors are gold and black the proud colors of our Timpson Public School athletes. These bold colors are intended to catch the eye of the card holder every time they open their wallet or purse and invite them to the entertaining and educational world of the public library.

The Timpson Public Library card is issued free of charge to those with Shelby County, Gary or Garrison addresses. A $5.00 fee is charged for patrons who cannot qualify as a legal resident of Shelby County, Gary, or Garrison. Lost or stolen cards may be replaced the first time for $2.00 and additional replacements are $5.00.

Children under fourteen years of age must be able to print their name and have a parental or legal guardian signature on an application for library card before the card will be issued.

Timpson Public Library Operating Rules

An elected Board of Trustees governs the Timpson Public Library District. The public is invited to attend any and all Board meetings. Regular scheduled Board meetings are held the fourth Tuesday of each month and the time and place are posted at the library at least three days prior to the meeting.

The operating rules of the public library have been adopted by the Board of Trustees for the benefit of our library patrons in an attempt to insure the efficient and effective operation of the library. From time to time it may be necessary to add, modify, or remove certain rules. Our goal is to make your use of the library an enjoyable experience. We encourage your suggestions to our librarian that might in any way improve the operation of the library. Your suggestions will be passed on to the Board for consideration.

  1. Library hours of operation are as follows: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 9am to 5pm. Closed Sunday Tuesday & Saturday.
  2. Library Cards: No initial fee to issue cards to those with Shelby County, Gary, or Garrison addresses… A $5.00 fee is charged to those patrons who cannot qualify as a legal resident of Shelby County, Gary or Garrison. Lost or stolen cards can be replaced the first time for $2.00 and additional replacements for $5.00. Application for library cards: Patrons must complete an application for a library card before the card can be issued. Children under fourteen years of age must be able to print their name and have a parental or legal guardian signature on an application for library card before the card will be issued.
  3. Check out policy: Three items may be checked out to a patron for no longer than a two week period before becoming delinquent. Check out time may be extended by calling the library and asking for an extension of time or returning the items to the library and requesting an extension. Unless renewed prior to the delinquent date the item becomes delinquent and fines attach. Check out policy and renewals for videotapes and DVDs are the same as books.
  4. Fines: Overdue fines are at a rate of $.25 per day per book. This same fine rate applies to audiotapes and DVD’s. Overdue items must be returned before anything else can be checked out and library cards can be revoked until fines are paid.
  5. Copy machine: A fee of $.10 will be charged for each copy made on the copy machine.
  6. Printer copies: A fee of $.25 per page for black and white copies and $.50 per page for color prints.
  7. Cell phones: The use of cell phones is not permitted inside the library.
  8. Computers Use Policy: The Timpson Public Library maintains a Web site and provides access to the internet as a means to digital information through technology. This is an effort to fulfill our goal to “Assemble, organize, preserve, and make available books and other enriching materials which provide information and education for every resident of the Library District. It is the individual users responsibility to demonstrate judgment, respect for others, and appropriate conduct while using Public Library resources and facilities.
  9. FAXs:
    Sending: Local or 800 Number – Free
    Long Distance – $1.00 per page
    Receiving: $0.25 per page

Rules of conduct are printed and must be read before use of the library computers. Library employees are authorized to terminate any user’s access session and to prohibit a user from subsequent access session if the user is found to be in violation of the computer use rules.

Patrons under 14 years of age must have a parent or legal guardian physically present to use a computer. Those patrons 15 to 17 years old may use the computer if their parent or guardian has filled out a consent form. Minors may not share a computer without the express written consent of their parent or legal guardian. Parents and Legal Guardians are solely responsible for content accessed/viewed by minors under their care.

Friends of the Timpson Public Library

Become a real friend to the Timpson community at large by joining Friends of the Timpson Public Library. Friends offer a wide variety of activities to support this worthy community endeavor. Your contribution will make a difference.

Friends of the Timpson Public Library is a non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to provide additional support to the library through volunteerism and other contributions. Members of Friends are made up of people who value reading, understand the impact of literacy on the quality of society within the Timpson community and surrounding area. We believe in providing our citizens with quality library services.

You may ask: Where does the library’s money come from? Tax dollars support the primary operating expenses of the public library. However, our Friends group will raise funds for needs that are not covered by the one half of one percent sales tax received by the library.

How can Friends raise money?

  • Membership Dues
  • Donations
  • Book Sales
  • Memorials
  • Benefactor/Donor/Patron
  • Special Fundraisers
  • Grant Writing

Friends of the Timpson Public Library is a 501(C) 3 non-profit corporation allowing tax deductible donations. If you are currently employed or retired, you may find that your employer will contribute funds to the library. Check it out. Annual dues are $10.00.

Click the link below to access the Membership Application:

>> Membership Application <<