Title: Outfoxed

Author: David Rosenfelt

New Jersey defense lawyer Andy Carpenter spends as little time as possible working as a lawyer and as much time as he can working on his true passion, The Tara Foundation, the dog-rescue organization he runs with his friend Willie Miller. Lately Andy has been especially involved in a county program in which prison inmates help train rescue dogs to make them more adoptable, benefiting both the dogs and the prisoners. One of the prisoners Andy has been working with is his client Brian Atkins, who is serving a five-year term for fraud but has just four months left until he’s up for a parole hearing. Brian has been helping to train Boomer, an adorable fox terrier the Tara-Foundation rescued from a neglectful owner. Brian and Boomer are clearly a terrific match. In fact, Andy hopes that Brian will adopt Boomer himself once his sentence is up.

But one day, Andy is shocked to discover that Brian has used Boomer to make an ingenious escape, and man and dog are both long gone. The next day, Brian’s wife and the man whose testimony helped convict Brian are both found murdered. Brian himself is caught and arrested for the crime, though he forcefully protests his innocence. Suddenly Andy finds himself with a client in desperate need of defense and a new dog in Boomer. And as he starts in dig deeper into the murder and the events leading up to it, Andy realizes that he may be putting them all in far more danger than anyone knew.