Title: The Armageddon File

Author: Stephen Coonts

Was the last election stolen?

And if so–who did the stealing–and why?

The answer lies in the Cryptic “Armageddon File.”

But that file is deadly.

National bestselling author Stephen Coonts is a master thriller writer–The flight of the Intruder, Liberty’s Last Stand–at the top of his game in The Armageddon File, a story ripped from the nation’s headlines, CIA Director Jake Grafton and CIA Agent Tommy Carmellin race to discover who might have attempted–or succeeded– to steal the last presidential election.

A string of dead bodies, rigged voting machines, and a conspiracy that seems to lead in divergent directions–from the uppermost reaches of the FBI to foreign powers, from high finance to organized crime–are only part of this gripping story of cross and double-cross that leads to a shattering climax.