Title:  A Noise Downstairs

Author:  Linwood Barclay

College professor Paul Davis is a normal guy with a normal life.  But that normal existence is turned upside down late one evening when he spots his colleague Kenneth driving in a suspicious manner along a deserted road.  Curious and concerned, Paul follows Kenneth, and catches him in a horrifying act–trying to dispose of two dead bodies.

That was eight months ago.

After nearly losing his own life that night, Paul is battling PTSD, depression, and severe problems at work and home.  To cheer him up, his worried wife, Charlotte, gives him a surprise present: a vintage typewriter–complete with ink ribbons and heavy round keys–because he’s always wanted one.  Paul heels inspired to write about the terrifying experience that damaged his life.  ” If I can look into the eyes of evil in the real world, “Paul explains, “maybe I won’t have to run from it in mu sleep.”

However, the typewriter soon becomes a source of anxiety itself.  Paul swears he can hear the keys clicking  in the early hours of the morning when everyone id in bed.  Charlotte and his son deny playing with the old-fashioned machine or hearing any strange sounds.  It is only Paul who can hear the noise he swears is coming from downstairs.  Are Paul’s claims real–or is he going off the rails as Charlotte fears?

Paul believes that the typewriter is connected to the dark events that night on the Post Road, as implausible as that seems.  After all, Kenneth is in prison and he worked alone.  so how could the typewriter have anything to do with the crime?  Increasingly tormented yet determined to discover the truth, Paul begins reinvestigating the deaths himself.

But that may not be the best thing to do.  Maybe Paul should just get rid of the typewriter.  Maybe he should stop asking questions and simply walk away while he can.  Because if he doesn’t his darkest nightmares just might come true.