Title: Hidden War

Author: Lt. John Nores, Jr.

Tallying up the numbers from the start of the pilot program in July 2013 through December 2015, the Marijuana Enforcement Team’s production level painted an ugly picture. During our first fire years of operations, the unit completed 800 arrest, eradication and reclamation missions. On those missions, we destroyed 3 million poisoned marijuana plants, seized and destroyed 58,677 pounds (29 tons) of processed marijuana, made 973 felony arrests, seized 601 firearms, removed 899,945 pounds (450 tons) of grow site waste and other pollutants, recovered and removed 2.35 million feet (445 miles) of black poly pipe, removed 91,728 pounds (46 tons) of fertilizers, extracted 756 gallons of illegal of illegal toxic chemicals and dismantled 793 water-stealing dams and diversions from drug trafficking organization grow complexes. Those dams stole approximately 12 billion gallons of water, mostly during the peak of California’s drought period, costing 12 billion gallons of much needed drinking and agricultural irrigation water had we not eliminated the operation.

Illegal marijuana growers divert millions of gallons of water, contaminate sensitive habitat with toxic chemicals and kill threatened wildlife–and they endanger public safety with weapons, bobby traps and poison. this explosive new book details Nores ‘dangerous missions to take down some of the most destructive criminals in America.